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People to Contact within Fallen
If you have to contact a member of Fallen regarding any issues, please contact the following in order of position:

Orpherus - Marshal

Alurina - Captain

oORavenOo - Lieutenant
Haze - Lieutenant
Succubus - Lieutenant
viviase - Lieutenant

ReaverMaster - Sergeant
ImTheTiger - Sergeant
Fealin - Sergeant
Heaven - Sergeant
KnightRydr - Sergeant
Sweex - Sergeant
Swiex - Sergeant
ShadowRuin - Sergeant
Aquarius - Sergeant
Fallen Alliance is a new alliance whose main objective is to help each other in times of need with quests or any questions about the game. At higher levels, we will initiate wars with other alliances and have fun together on both sides. 

I won't deny that we won't be drama free but I hope we keep it at a minimum unless it is for fun. Socializing, making new friends, and being a part of the game to give you a chance to try out everything you want. That is what this alliance hopes to bring you. 

As the game is in Closed Beta, our level cap may restrict us from wars at the moment but I promise you once Open Beta comes around, we'll definitely have wars. Just say the word and I shall arrange one as soon as I can find another willing alliance who wants to war with us.

What else? Just be friendly, and polite I suppose. Treat each other like you would a friend or family member. Everyone deserves respect despite ages. Just be as mature as you can though the alliance will give you opportunity to rant if you wish. 

Fallen is OPEN to all races and classes.
Fallen is OPEN to members 10+ (starting level to be accepted into alliances)

Let's make Fallen be known as one of the most friendly, fun and sociable alliances around!

Our Motto?
Okay we don't have one yet. Sorry.
Coming up with one!

For now this alliance will be based out of the USA East [only CB server] but it will be moved to the USA West once or if the devs make one. 

Also you are NOT forced to war if you don't want to. Only willing participants will do so.

WHO WE ARE: A friendly community.

WHAT WE DO: Help each other out with quests, general questions, do wars, be friends.

WHY: ...for fun?

WHEN: Everyday!!!


Recruiting 3 more people before we are full! ACTIVES ONLY PLEASE. - Orph
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Orpherus, Nov 27, 10 5:01 PM.
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